Annual RIMS Conference: 20-22 June 2019, Ljubljana
Dear PhD Students,

Since the RIMS PhD session last year was such a success, we are happy to announce that the session will be included in this year’s programme as well!

Therefore, we would kindly encourage you to register for the PhD session as a part of the RIMS conference on Thursday June 20, 2019. The goal of this programme especially for PhD students is to network and to have the opportunity to share knowledge with other PhD students and a panel of experts. We encourage PhD students at all stages of their PhD career to attend. Who knows, you may kickstart a new collaboration, get valuable inputs to your research project, or get the perfect idea for a Postdoc project.

In short, the session will feature:  
  • Catchy and interesting pitches (3 minutes) from participating PhD students on their PhD project. This serves as a perfect network starter and provides a great overview of the research activities going on in (and maybe beyond) Europe. 
  • In-depth presentations from 6 PhD students (15 minutes including feedback from expert panel and discussion). NB. the first 6 PhD students applying for this will be given the opportunity.
The PhD session is free for RIMS-members (center or individual) and € 30,- for non-members.
PhD students should register for the PhD session through the following steps: 
  • Registration through the website of the RIMS conference (please tick the PhD Student Session when you register). If you already have registered and did not tick the PhD Student Session, then do not despair – just send an email to  
Deadline for registration is May 20. More information will follow, when we have the full overview of participants and presenters.
We are looking forward to meet our colleagues!
On behalf of RIMS president Vincent de Groot,
Leonie Ruhaak & Morten Riemenschneider (PhD students)